BASIC SET-UP OF MUNTAZIM - Set-up a school & do basic settings

In Muntazim, The initial phase for the user is to set-up a school. Once the user is done with setting up a school then he/she can proceed with the basic settings of their school.

If the user is working with more than 1 school then the user has the option to add other schools as well.

The Master admin can  assign different admin(s) to the schools that they will be adding in the system who can further perform different activities under their respective schools. In this case the admins will not have the ability to look into each other’s management/activities.

Stated below are the required steps to add school & configure its settings.


Step 1: Add a School

  • Go to Dashboard

  • Click on School on the left hand side 

  • Click on the add new school button from the extreme right corner 

  • Enter information about the school.

  • Enter a valid email address & contact information through which parents can communicate with school administration.

  • Mark Status "Active"

  • Upload logo by using the option of ‘Select File’ on the screen – This logo will appear on the receipts and online pages.

  • Click Save.

Image Placeholder

Dimension for School Logo:

Min 120 px height (width shall adjust as per the height of image)

Type: jpg, png

Size: Max 4 MB

 Assign Admin to the School

Please refer below article for details and steps to add users and assign privileges to access school information: 

How to add user and assign access to screens

Step-2: Configure Settings of the School.

Please configure the following settings as per your requirement

General Settings:

  • Go to Settings at the top left corner 

  • Select general settings from the settings menu.

  • Define the settings for the School

-Refer to the article below, in order to configure General Settings. 

How to configure general settings of the school

Define Bill Settings - In these settings the user can specify the bill settings according to their own convenience.

  • Billing Period (No. Of Months): In this field the user can define how often their fee invoices will be generated. For e.g. If the user charges fees on a monthly basis then enter 1 in this field.

  • Bill Generation Date: This is the day (in a month) on which the user wants to generate the fee invoices. For e.g., if the user wants the bill to be generated on the 5th of every month then they will mention 5 in the specific field.

  • Due Date for Bill Payment: The user can define the due date (in a month) on which the invoices will be expired. Parents can make payments against these expired invoices till the next invoice generation date. 

  • No. Of Billing Cycle(s): Enter the no. of months here that define the school year for which the fee invoices will be generated.

  • Next Invoice Generation scheduled on: Once you set this date, it will automatically change from that time onward and will generate invoices according to this date which you will set. In case you want to make changes to this date, there is a CAUTION for that: Contact your system administrator if you are unsure about this date.

The user has to fill the required information as per their requirements and then Save.

Above settings will enable the user to generate the invoices on a certain day of a month and send to parents. It will also give the ability to the admin to track these invoices.

After a due date has passed, all the invoices of the current month will be expired till the next invoice generation date. Parents can make payment against these expired invoices till the next invoice generation date and on new invoice generation if payment is still not made then the outstanding amount will be added to the next month's invoice as a balance forwarded value.

Billing Cycle Completed: Number of times the billing cycle has executed.

Form Templates:

Admission Form :

  • Go to Settings from the top left corner 

  • In the templates, select Admission Form

Image Placeholder

You can configure more than one Admission form based on the programs/courses you offer. Here you can collect information with respect to the courses & enrollments/registrations by adding custom fields to your template. Muntazim gives you the ability to create as many custom fields as you want.

Please refer to the article below and complete the settings as per your requirements & Save.

 How to add/edit admission form template

 Student Form:

  • Go to Settings from the top left corner 

  • In the templates, select Student Form

Image Placeholder

You can configure more than one Student Form template as per your requirement. Please use the Add New Template button for this purpose. Custom fields can be defined to collect any information regarding students.

Please refer to the article below in-order to configure the settings as per your requirements & Save.

How to add/edit student form template

Email Templates:

  • Go to Settings from the top left corner 

  • In the templates, select Email

There are different email templates provided in Muntazim which shall be customized as per your requirement.

Such as "Muntazim Payment Receipt", "Muntazim Online Fee Payment" & "Muntazim Student Enrollment" etc..

An option is available of “Send Email” above every template in Muntazim, so that users can check-mark required emails to send out and leave emails unchecked that are not required. 

  • In order to setup 

  • Go to Settings from the top left corner 

  • In the templates, select Email

Image Placeholder
  • .Click on required Email Template for expanded view.

  • Click on the toggle button  "Send Email" checkbox to mark that option checked.

  • Once you expand any of the Templates, the system will give you the template for the email with the subjects that the user can customize as per their convenience.

  • Scroll down and click on Save.  

  • Once the above set-up is completed, you can proceed further as per below order:

Please refer to the Help  section to explore further.

Please refer below articles further to complete the setup of school:

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