Tickets for a fundraiser or special events can be sold using your MOHID system's online form and/or through the Kiosk for PRO package users only. Below is a sample online ticketing page

1. Create a Fundraiser Event in your MOHID system through Fundraiser Module. You may refer to "How to setup a new event" in HELP for this.

2. Go to Settings-> select Fundraiser.

3. Select/Enter the required info.

4. Click the Save button.

Once the above settings are saved please make sure to enable "Is Current Event" checkbox to display tickets online.


5. Online ticket page can either be accessed through your Masjid Portal (as shown in the image below) OR it can be linked directly from your website (e.g. Your community can now purchase tickets for this event online

Below are the steps for your community to perform to purchase tickets online

1. Select the number of tickets required for each ticket type
2. Click Continue to Donor/Payee

3. Enter the payee's information.

4. Enter Payment Information and click on Pay button.