How to setup a new event

Step # 1
  • Go to Settings > Fundraiser
  • Complete all the settings as per your requirement. Also when the Event is created in the system by following the instructions present in Step # 2 then please select the newly created event in Settings
  • Select Type of tickets allowed to be sold and displayed in KIOSK and Online
  • Click Save button
This event will now be default fundraiser event across the system.

Step # 2
  • Go to Fundraiser > Create Event
  • Fill in all mandatory fields
  • Provide Event related information.
  • Click Save
Allow Registration: You can use the toggle button if you want your community to purchase tickets for an event.
Allow In Pledge: If you do not want to display event for pledge anymore then please use the toggle button hide the event for Pledge.
Allow Limits on No. Of Tickets: You can now apply limits to different Ticket types as per your requirement. If this option is enabled then admin will be able to define a no. of tickets that will be available for purchase by your community. This information is required to be entered under Ticket Information section.
Promotions for Event: By using the Promotion Code feature in Event, you can give discount to your community. Promotion code should be unique & should never have used before.

Is Published: Turn on this option if you want to display the Fundraiser Event on website for ticket purchase.

Once the event is created and you clicked on "Save" for the above settings please make sure to enable "Is Current Event" checkbox to display tickets online.