How to send Mass Emails from Mohid

Communication/Mass Email Service in MOHID™ - User Guide Step by step instructions

Detailed instructions for enabling Communication functionality in MOHID™ to send Mass Email to Donors and Members

Sign up Mailchimp™

Setup a new account with Mailchimp From MOHID™ dashboard
  • Go to Settings
  • Click Communication under Module Settings.
  • Click Mailchimp signup button

Upon Clicking the MailChimp signup button, you will be redirected to the Signup page where you can fill the required information:

Retrieve API Credentials
Get the API Key
After signing in to your account
  • Click on NAME or ‘Down arrow’ sign on top right corner
  • Click on Account
  • Click on Extras and then API Keys
Here you can create a new key by clicking Create A Key button.

Enable Communication service in MOHID™
From MOHID™ dashboard
  • Go to Settings
  • Click Communication under Module Settings.
  • Enter Mailchimp account API Key that was retrieved in previous Step
  • Click  Save

Create Subscriber’s List in Mailchimp

Go to your Mailchimp account’s dashboard: Lists -> Create List

See your newly created list in Lists section

Go to the list Settings

In settings click on List name & defaults

In List name and Campaign defaults make sure that following fields are properly filled: -
  • List Name  
  • Default from name
  • Default from email
  • Default Subject line (it is Optional)

After the above information please click Save List and campaign details

Adding/Synchronizing Lists in MOHID™

  • Go to Communication
  • Click Audience.
  • Click Add Campaign List
  • Select Mailchimp list that you have recently created in previous section (it should be visible here in drop down select box)
  • Select Member’s List type i.e. Community Members, Masjid Members or Donors
  • Click Save
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This will create a new list in Mohid and will be visible in:
  • Communication
  • Campaign
  • Audience

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Select the Audience/list and sync it to the communication system.
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All the content of newly created list will be automatically synced with your Mailchimp account and you can see same list getting automatically updated in Mailchimp

Create Templates

Templates can be created in MailChimp™ and they will be automatically imported in MOHID

Log in to MOHID
  • Communication Module
  • Click Campaign
  • Click Templates

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You can create a New Template
Click Preview Icon for existing template preview and Replicate Icon to replicate and create new version of template using its existing content.

Sending Test Email to verify template

Login to MOHID
  • click Settings
  • Module Settings -> Communication

Enter Mailchimp Test Email address

Click on Send Test Email after creating Campaign (Refer to next section for How to Create Campaign) to send a test email

Sending mass Email/Newsletter to list
>Go to Communication
>Click Campaign
>Click Audience
>Click Add Campaign List
>Select Mohid List type and Mailchimp List
>Click Save
>Select the newly created Campaign List and Click on Sync List to communication system
>Click the three dots (...) to send email

Note: Please make sure that a campaign is created as shown below before sending email.

>Go to Campaign
>Click on Campaigns
>Click Add Campaign
>Fill in all the required details

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Once the campaign is saved, email can be sent from the campaign screen by clicking (...)
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Sending mass email and SMS to Members