Sending SMS to Parent(s), Teacher(s) and Admin(s) from Muntazim Communication. 

In order to send SMS from Muntazim to Parent(s) Teacher(s) and Admin(s), please follow the steps mentioned below.

  • Go to Muntazim communicate  module on the left hand side

  • click on Send SMS

  • Select the academic session 

  • The user will select whether they want to send an sms to the whole school or just to a specific grade.

  • Multiple grades can be selected 

  • The user can select the recipients as per  their own convenience 

  • Multiple recipients can be selected by the user 

  • Click on Continue

  • Once done, Type SMS message and click on Send. 

Number used for sending SMS: 

Admin Dashboard > Users > Parents > Number is taken from the Parent’s Information:

Phone Number OR Cell Number


  • After every 5 minutes, cron job will work. Except 4 am to 6 am CST.
  • One by one sms will be sent.
  • In one hour 12 times SMS will be sent.
  • Certain intervals in 1 hour - 12 times it will run.
  • Numbers starting from 111 will be considered as an invalid record.
If SMS is sent to a student it will be sent to the parent of that student as well.