In Muntazim, The initial phase for the user is to set-up a school. Once the user is done with setting up a school then he/she can proceed with the basic settings of their school.

If the user is working with more than one school then the user has the option to add other schools as well.

The Master admin can  assign different admin(s) to the schools that they will be adding in the system who can further perform different activities under their respective schools. In this case the admins will not have the ability to look into each other’s management/activities.

Stated below are the required steps to add school & configure its settings.

Step: Add School

  • Go to Dashboard

  • Click on Schools on the left hand side 

  • Click on the add new school button from the extreme right corner 

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  • After clicking this button , a pop-up screen will appear on the window.

  • Kindly enter information about the school on that pop-up screen.

  • Enter a valid email address & contact information through which parents can communicate with school administration.

  • Upload logo by using the option of ‘Select File’ on the screen – This logo will appear on the receipts and online pages.

  • Mark Status "Active"

  • Click Save.

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Dimension for School Logo:

Min 120 px height (width shall adjust as per the height of image)

Type: jpg, png

Size: Max 4 MB