By using the Promotion Code feature for programs, discounted fee can be provided. These discounts can also be availed when a payee opt to perform online program registration and enter the promotion code. Promotion Code can also be used to give discount via admin registration.

Follow the steps mentioned below in order to define the Promotion Code for the program
Go to Programs
Click on Create Program

Fill all the Program details
Enter all the information for the Promotion Code
By using +New Promotion Code, more than one promotion code can be defined for the program. 
Click Save button

Following is the description for the fields present in Promotion Code:
- Promotion Code is the name of your coupon that will be used by online community.
- Fee is the discounted fee offered for user(s) of this coupon.
- Number of Months and Partial Amount are used to provide information for recurring payments.
- Expiry Date is the date for the validity of discount coupon.
- Status is the field used to activate the coupon.