In order to setup the Taraweeh timings for Ramadan, please refer to Upload Prayer Timings article and only provide timings (24hrs format) for the Taraweeh column as per the instructions. Please do not add/remove/update any column or row in the template file.

Go to Settings > Click on Contact Settings

- Under "Contact Information" make sure you have entered correct Country, State, Region, City and Zip Code for your masjid.

- Go to Settings
- Setup Prayer Timings

- Click on "Fetch Prayer times via API"

- Select Calculation Method from the drop down of what time you want to use (Mandatory Field)
- Juristic Settings (Mandatory Field)
 -Click on "Save Settings"

Now Azan timings are pulled on the basis of your location.

On the same screen please scroll up to provide information in order to calculate Iqmah Timings

Note: Select date ranges on which you can calculate Iqamah Timings by adding minutes w.r.t Azan or any fixed time in 24H format.
If you enter both minutes and fixed time, system will cater minutes for Iqamah calculation.

1. From day wise (today) to year wise, you can select duration's range as per your requirement for each prayer's time.

2. You can either calculate the Iqamah Timings by providing number of minutes or specify the fixed time for the Iqamah
- Add Minutes to iqamah timings for calculation
- Specify Fixed Time for iqamah timings for the selected duration

3. Click on +New Iqamah Timings if you want to add different minutes or fixed time for different days, months, year.

4. Click on "Calculate Iqamah Timings" button

Important Information: 
You can update Iqama and Adhan individually or both as well.

- if want to update only Adhan timings, turn on option 1 only, keep other 2 options off & save.

- If you want to update only iqama, turn on option 3 only, keep other 2 options off & save.

- If you want to update adhan and iqama for a selected period of time, turn on 2 and 3 options & save.

- If you want to update Adhan and Iqama for whole year, turn on 1 and 3 & save.

5. Once the above setup is done and you click on "Save Prayer Timings", system will ask for confirmation and when you click "Yes" prayer timings will be displayed on the KIOSK / Widget / Mobile App.

Note: The updated template in MOHID system will require 2 hrs approximately to get synced with the kiosk, widgets and app. Once synced, the prayer timings will be updated automatically on the daily basis.

Fajr Azaan and Iqamah timings will be displayed for the next day in the salat timings.

Print Prayer Timings:
If you want to send a link to your community to print the monthly calendar, please follow the steps mentioned below:

- Go to Settings > Website Integration
- Scroll down to Dynamic Links/Widgets section
- Copy the link under "Prayer Calendar"
- You can integrate this link to your website OR share it with your community via email. This calendar can be printed as well.