The grade 'no progression' is a settings if enabled will allow the admin to promote the students enrolled in a grade for Current Academic Session to the same grade again for the Next Academic Session when next session starts.

To turn 'No Progression' settings ON, please go to:

  • Admissions > Grades
  • For a grade click on the three dotted icon
  • Click on 'Edit'
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Under basic information tab, enable the 'No progression' option and Save the screen:
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Now to promote the students to the same grade for the next session again. Go to:

  • Settings > click on Promote Students to Next Grade under Academic Session
  • Select Current Grade
  • Click on Search
  • The same grade selected under the 'Select Current Grade' will be displayed under 'Progressive Grade' option along with the list of all the students.
  • Check mark the students you want to promote and click on 'PROMOTE SELECTED STUDENTS'.
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  • A confirmation message will be displayed, click on 'Yes'
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  • Students are now promoted from the current session grade to same grade for next session.