In order to setup grade progression from the previous academic year to the current academic year, Kindly follow the steps mentioned below:

 Start of a new academic year without the grade progression: 

If the user has a setup in which every year students remain in the same grade then it is suggested that while setting their grades enable the toggle button of no progression as can be seen in the screen shot. 
  • Go to Admissions 
  • Add/edit Grade
  • Enable the no progression toggle button

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Once they do so, on the setting of the next academic session: grade progression, system will not ask to select the progressive grades from the user.

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Start of the new academic year with grade progression:

  • Go to setting on the top right corner of the screen 

  • Select Grade progression setup from the drop down menu 

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  • On clicking the grade progression setup, A screen will open to select the grades for progression. 

  • All current/ existing Grades are listed on the left hand side  and a Select Grade option is provided on the right hand side, Multiple Grades can be selected for any existing Grade for progression. 

  • Once done with the selection click on Save Button. 

  • After clicking on the save button, all Grades will be replaced with selected Grades for the next academic session. 

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