Slides are managed from a common location, to help admins manage multiple MSP devices without uploading/deleting slides separately.

  1. Log in to the MOHID dashboard and go to the "Signage" tab from the left side menu.
  2. Click the "Add Slides" button.

  3. Upload any number of slides and click "Save"

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Slide Layouts

There are 2 types of slide layouts you can choose from :

Hybrid Layout :

  • This layout displays both slideshow and Iqamah times in 1 hybrid display.
  • Both the Iqamah timings and Slides can be displayed simultaneously without ever removing the Iqamah times from the display.
  • MSP can be configured for this layout by selecting the First layout from the MSP Edit screen
    (Note: 1 or more slides should be uploaded before selecting this layout)Image Placeholder
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Fullscreen Layout

  • This layout displays the slides in full screen mode with Iqamah times displayed as slides .
  • Go to MSP Edit screen 
  • Important : Select any Iqamah layout other than the First Layout
  • Enable the Option for Full Screen Slider

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  • Click Save
  • Atleast 1 slide should be uploaded before selecting the Full-screen slider option
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  • The slider duration can be controlled in both layouts by entering the seconds for the Slider duration field.

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