A Messaging user is any Imam or Masjid Admin, who has an account created by MOHID Admin and who can communicate with the community members and answer their questions, asked through the Minbr App.
Follow the steps in the following article to create a Messaging User in MOHID

There are 3 methods the Messaging User (i.e. Imam/Admin) can use to receive and reply the messages.

Method 1 - Khadm Messenger App (Prefered)

  • Khadm App is a dedicated Companion app, created by the same team as Minbr and MOHID
  • Khadm App is connected to your MOHID account and the Imam/Admin can log in using the account created above and receive messages from Minbr users.
  • All messaging through Khadm App is End to End encrypted and only the Minbr user who asks the question and the Imam/Admin to whom the question is asked to can see the message.
  • The Imam/Admin account in MOHID can be configured from Khadm App profile screen. This way the Imam/Admin can control all the settings for the user account.
  • Khadm Messenger App supports Push Notifications and many other features which the Imam/Admin can use to effectively communicate with the community and youth.
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  • The app is available in Playstore and Appstore for Free download. (Search for "Khadm")
         Apple Appstore Link

  • Learn more about Khadm App and how to use it for messaging from the following link

Method 2 - Email

  • During Messaging user creation in MOHID, an option is available to receive questions by email.
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  • If this option is selected, the messages/questions from Minbr users will be received as separate emails in the inbox of Imam/Admin. 
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  • After clicking Answer button , a webpage will be opened where the response can be entered and sent back to the Minbr user who had asked the question.

  • The Minbr user who had asked the question will receive a Push Notification to indicate that a response has been received for their question/inquiry.

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Method 3- Text Message

  • If text message is allowed by the Imam/Admin , they will receive a text message for every question or message sent to them from Minbr App.
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  • A link will be sent in the message which will take them to the webpage where they can enter the response and send it back to the Minbr user who had asked the question.