Method 1: When a person's record exists in the system as a Donor

- Go to Donations > Donors > List all Donors

- Search the Donor name that you want to make a member

- For the donor's record, click "" sign and Click ‘+ Add as a Member’ to upgrade him/her from Donor to Member

- Now on the Add Member screen, enter all the required information of the member
- Click Save button.
- Now, go to Add Membership screen > Search for your member
- On Member Information screen, click Next to proceed
- Enter Membership Details

Note: As you enter required details, MOHID will summarize all the information as per your selection at the right hand side of the screen, which will give you complete information in a glance.

- Click Next to proceed to the Membership fees payment page and entered the required information.

- Click on one of the options available at the bottom of the page: 

Click Save and Pay Now will process the Membership fees and it will activate the Membership. 

Click Save and Pay Online to save the entered information of the member and an email will be sent to the email address provided in the details with a link to pay the Membership fees. The Membership will remain inactive until the fees is paid.

Click Cancel to discard the entered information.

Membership will be activated for the member just added.

Method 2: When a person's record does not exist in MOHID system

Refer to article How To Add New Membership

Method 3: Online Membership Signup Page

Place a Membership Signup button on your website that can be accessed by your online community to sign up for membership online. Refer to the articles below for details

Note: In case of individual membership enrollment via in-person/Online, if secondary member is not selected for membership then that secondary member will be marked Inactive in the system, because he has no independent membership. Primary member will be marked Active as only primary member signed up for the membership.