To Import Lesson Planner in Muntazim, please follow the steps mentioned below:

  • Go to Tools on the left hand side

  • Click on Import Planners 

  • Click on Download Sample Template.

  • Open template file and enter records as per the Import Guidelines mentioned on the screen.

    • The user has to follow the import guidelines

    • The description of every field is given in front of the field 

    • The user has to make sure to fill the mandatory field exactly explained in the import guidelines ´╗┐

  • ´╗┐Click on the Choose File button to select the updated template file.

  • Click on the Import button.

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Revert Import: This option enables the users to revert the import data from the system, if a user needs to remove imported records from the system for any reason.

 Please follow the steps mentioned below in order to revert:

  • Go to Tools on the left hand side

  • Go to the Revert Imports tab 

  • Click on the Revert button.

  • With the click, the user will get below confirmation. Click "OK", this will revert all the imported data from the system in the sequence displayed on the screen.