To Void and Refund a transaction, please follow below mentioned steps:


  • Go to Fee Management > Transactions.

  • Enter the information in order to search for the required record.

  • Click on Search button.

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From the given transactions on the list:



Click on 'Void Payment' icon in Action column to only void the transaction. Void option will only cancel the transaction and update your financial records. In order to refund the amount, you will have to do it manually via check, cash etc.


The balance of the voided transaction will be carried forward to the next month invoices as "Balance Forwarded" amount.


"Void And Cancel invoice" means that the system will only update the financials and transaction, it will not refund any amount from payment gateway.


The balance of the void and cancel invoice will not be carried forward to the next month's invoice, status of the invoice will be changed to "Cancelled".



However, if you want to reimburse the amount back to payee's account then click on 'Refund Payment' option in Action column.



Once Refund icon has been clicked, the status of transaction will change to REFUNDING and after Forte settlement, status will be updated to REFUNDED.



Note: Refund option is available for Forte payment gateway only.