To pay Fee through Admin, please follow the steps mentioned below:


Once the student has been enrolled and approved by admin, related invoices will be generated. These invoices are displayed on Fee Management > Invoices screen.


In order to pay fee for any invoice, please follow the steps mentioned below:


  • Click on three dotted icon and select $ Make Payment option invoices screen to pay.


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  • Below is the Invoice view where you have different options to pay the fees. Please make a selection as per your requirement.


1-  Admin can pay for multiple students via single payment transaction.

2- Admin can select multiple invoices of the same student to pay via a single payment transaction.


  • Enter the Amount in 'Amount Paying' field. Hit Enter on keyboard.


To proceed further, you have following 3 options. Select one option as per your requirement.


1. Save Invoice(s): This option will only save changes made to the invoice by Admin. Admin can always return to the invoice and proceed further from those changes. 


2. Save and Proceed Payment: This will give the option to make the payment through Cash, CC or E-checks.


3. Pay Online: Using this option, an online link for fee payment will be sent to the parent.


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  • To pay the fees through admin Click on the 'Save and Proceed Payment' button.


  • For the first time, system will ask you to Add New Payment Method (Image Below).

  • Click on Add New button.


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Image Placeholder







  • Select Payment method as echeck/ACH.

  • If Check scanner is attached with PC/Laptop then Click Scan Check and scan check from the attached scanner.

  • If no scanner available enter check deatils manually in Payment Details section.

  • Select Category.

  • Enter Memo & Enter Check no. in Reference field.

  • Enter Amount.

  • Click Save