- This feature is to be used ONLY to transfer student(s) from one grade to another within the same academic session.

- In order to transfer/promote students to another grade after completion of current academic session, please refer to article How to set up next academic session.




To transfer a single student at a time from one grade to another, please follow below steps:



  • Go to Admissions > Enrollments.

  • For the student whom you want to transfer, click on the right most three dotted icon in the column and select "Transfer Enrollment".

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  • Now select the grade in which you want to transfer the student.

  • Fill the form as per the required information.

  • Click on"Transfer" button at the bottom of the screen.

  • System will ask for confirmation on "Invoice Adjustment Method" as Auto/Manual.

  • Click on "Next"

  • Make changes/preview the invoice as per your requirement. 

  • Click on "Transfer"

  • The selected student will be successfully transferred to selected grade.

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If Manual Adjustment is selected:







If "Auto Adjustment" is selected


To transfer multiple students at a time from one grade to another, please follow below steps:


  • Go to Admissions
  • Click on Grade name
  • Select one or multiple students
  • Click on "Bulk Transfer"
  • Select Grade to transfer
  • Click on Save

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  • Manual Invoice update is only available when a single student is transferred from one grade to another.

  • Auto Invoice update is available on both single/multiple student(s) transfer.

  • Discounts assigned to a student before transfer is also copied to the grade student is transferred into.

  • Admission Form template similar fields for both previous and transferred grades are copied, however other fields that are only associated with transferred grade needs to be updated manually.