This option is used to Import your existing Donors only in Mohid system.

If you want to Import past transactions as well along with your donor records then please refer to the article How to import donations which will update both donors and their transactions in the same time.

Below mentioned steps have to be followed to import donors:

  1. Go To Settings
  2. Import Data
  3. Click on Download Sample Template icon

(A pop-up window will appear, download the template file)
(Add all the data in the import template file, save it on your computer).

4. Click on Choose File button and attach file you just saved on your computer.
5. Click the Import button.

If the system finds any problem during importing the data, it will notify you by prompting a message in red color at bottom right corner of the screen & you will need to correct the highlighted fields of the template.

You are requested to enter a single record for each donor for import and data should be provided correctly.