A discount can be assigned in two ways.

1- Assign discount to a student who is already enrolled in a course. Doing this will assign discounts to all invoices for this student w.r.t the courses enrolled in.

2- Add discount to an open invoice. This is a one time discount to be given on any

open invoice.

SCENARIO # 1: To assign discount to a student

  • Go to Fee Management > Discounts.

  • Click on three dotted icon.

  • Select “Assign Discount” option.

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  • Student/Course(s) to assign discount.

  • Then click ASSIGN button.

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SCENARIO # 2: To add discount to an open invoice:

  • Go to Fee Management > Invoices 

  • Click on three dotted icon and select  '$ Make Payment' option for an open (pending) invoice.

  • Click on (+ Add Discount) option on Invoice to Add Discount.

  • Select pre-defined discount from the list (please refer to How to add discount)

  • Click on 'Apply Discount' button to confirm the selection.

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The discount will reflect on invoice accordingly as per below image.

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  • Then click on the Save button displayed at the bottom of the screen.