Follow the steps mentioned below to add a fee discount.

  • In Fee Management, go to Discounts.

  • Click on + New Discounts.

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  • Enter information about the discount you are offering.

Discount Code: Enter Discount Name/code for reference.

Discount DescriptionDiscount name/detail for reference & record. (As per requirement).

Discount Type:

It can be a fixed value OR percentage that you want to give as a discount to student.

  • Fixed Value is the amount that will be deducted from the invoice's amount. For example, you can enter Fixed Value as $20.

  • Percent requires input of the percentage value of the discount that will be applied to the invoice. For example, Percent can be 20% discount given on any invoice.

- Discount Applicable on: 

a- If 'Every Invoice' option selected then discount will apply on current as well as next invoices that generate with the invoice generation process.

b- If 'Current Invoice' option selected then discount will apply only on current open or expired invoices. 

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  • Mark Status as Active so that you can start assigning the discount to students/invoices OR you can save a discount type for future reference by keeping its status as Inactive.

  • Then click on SAVE button.