Integration with Hubspot API with Mohid

Donors can be integrated with Hubspot by following below steps:

1 Create an Account in HubSpot , Email id will be used in order to create the account 
2 After setting up the Account , Go to Setting > Account SetUp  > Integrations > Api Key 
 Image Placeholder

3. Create the Key by Clicking the Create Key Button if Key has not been generated , or if APi Key has been generated so Simply Copy / Paste it 
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4. Mohid Settings > Communication > Paste the APi Key in HubSpot API key Text Box and Click on Save Button 

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5. Create new donor in Mohid, Donor will get integrated in HubSpot.

One thing important there should be unique email id, if email is missing, it creates a record on the basis of the phone number if first and last name is different.
This is the limitation from HubSpot and it is a one way integration only from Mohid to Hubspot.