To add/update attendance from Admin, please follow the steps mentioned below:


  • Go to Academics on the left hand side 

  • Select the grade 

  • Click on the attendance button of the subject that the admin wants to add or update.

  • Once clicked the attendance, the system will take you to the screen where you can add and update the attendance of a subject of the selected grade.


Note:Kindly note that while adding a grade only those days which the admin will select in the "offering days" option the same days will appear on add attendance screen while adding/viewing attendance for all the students enrolled in that grade}


Add/ Update Attendance Screen 

  • Select Grade

  • Select Date for which you want to add attendance 

  • On Grade selection, all students that are enrolled in that course will list down so that the teacher can mark attendance against each student.

  • To check Holidays, there is a toggle button called ‘Show Holidays’. By enabling the toggle button the admin will be able to see the holidays on the attendance screen.












Note:  Implement Dynamic Statuses for attendance:

Admin can add custom fields for required statuses for attendance on Admin portal, these fields will display on admin/teacher portal attendance screen to mark attendance accordingly.   


  • In order to make these settings. 

  • Go to Settings on the top left corner 

  • Click on General Settings 

  • Click on Attendance Settings 

  • Click on the add row button 

  • Enter required information and click Save. 



How to mark all Students as Present 

In order to mark all students as present please follow the steps mentioned below.

  • Select all students by clicking on the check box provided on the extreme left column of the attendance table 

  • Once the user has checked the boxes for all the options that they have added in the attendance setting through the general settings of the admin portal will appear on the top left of the attendance table. Select the present option and all the students will be marked present together 



> The user can select the option as per their requirement 



Note: If a non-zero weightage is assigned to attendance then:
1-Attendance data must be entered by admin
2- Holidays must be updated in settings
3- Days must be selected in each grade's settings