In order to setup a web page for parents so that they can submit admission/enrollment forms for their children, please follow steps mentioned below:


Step 1 :How to access the online enrollment link in Muntazim

  • Go to Schools on the left hand side 

  • Select the School tab

  • Click on 3 dots beside the school name

  • Click on Online Application Link option

  • Copy required school’s URL and paste it in a new tab of the browser. It will open the online enrollment of the selected school.

In order to link it with your website, please copy the URL & paste/link it with the ‘Registration’ button on your website.

Admin can also change the required settings from this screen.

Image Placeholder

Image Placeholder

Image Placeholder

Step 2: Edit grade information to be displayed on the online enrollment form

  • Go to Admissions On the left hand side 

  • Click on grades 

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  • A list of all grades will appear on the screen 

  •  Click on the 3 dot icon in the left most column for the required grade

  • Click on edit

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  • Enable "Display this Grade For Online Admissions" of features tab

  • Click Save button at the bottom of the page.

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Above changes have to be performed for all the grades which should be available for online admission via Online Admission Form and Parent Portal.

Note: Parents can enroll their children in available grades and enrollment applications will be submitted with their preferred grade from Parent Portal or Online Admission Form. However, the admin has an option to edit grade to the required one before approving enrollment application. Please follow the steps mentioned in article below:

How to override grade request submitted via online form 

Please remember that:

1- Admin gets an option to edit grades requested by parents via online admission form If auto-approval of enrollment request is off i.e "Bypass Approval process for Enrollments" checkbox is unchecked in Settings > General Settings > Other Settings.

2- Option to edit grade will be only available before application's approval. Once the application is approved, the grade cannot be changed.