STEP 1: Registration

  • Please click on the following link for How to set up a program for contact tracing
  • Once the community member receives the link to register they can get register in less than a minute by clicking the link and filling in the very basic information.
  • You can set up a laptop/tablet on site also to get them registered in case they did not register before coming to the masjid or forget to bring the QR code
    How to Check-in on site for Contact Tracing
  • Masjid attendees can also use the MOHID KIOSKs and MyMOHID Mobile App to register for the Prayers.
  • NOTE: Registration is required only ONCE, the attendees do not have to register separately for each Prayer

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  • Once registered , the attendee/musali will receive an email with his QR code. This QR code will be used from now on to check-in the Masjid attendee every time they will come to the Masjid.

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STEP 2: Check-in

  • When the Masjid attendee comes to the Masjid, the volunteer can scan the QR code sent after registration using his Phone Camera (no special software required)

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  • Once the volunteer taps on the link from his phone, the system will show the attendee information to be verified by the volunteer.
  • If during Program setup, admin required a custom entry (e.g. temperature) entered against the attendee even that could be entered at this time by the volunteer
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  • Once the Volunteer taps on Check-in button the system will automatically verify the current count of the check-ins for the particular Salat and either check-in the attendee or present a message showing that the limit of allowed attendees has reached
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STEP 3: Contact Tracing

  • The Masjid MOHID admin can always check the list of all Check-ins from MOHID dashboard by following below steps :
    • Log in to MOHID and click on Programs
    • Click Registrations link located in the Card for your program

    • Click on the tab called Check In

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    • You can see all the Check-ins here, with an option to download the list in excel and do any filtering or reporting of the Data
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