Step # 1: Setup Payment Gateway

If your Forte account has been enrolled then you will receive two emails which have your forte approval credentials.

You are requested to follow the steps mentioned below to setup your MOHID's Payment Gateway:
- Go to Settings > Integration > Payment Gateway
- Check Is Live checkbox
- Enter the credentials for Forte account
- Select ‘Bank (General)’ in Bank Account. 
- Click SAVE button.

Please make sure that 'Is Live' option is checked so that transactions are deposited in your account.

**you may not be able to process credit cards until the next business day as mentioned in Forte email**

Step # 2: Make a transaction

Once above setup has completed, please make an in-person test transaction (with the help of link below) to make sure the payment gateway is setup correctly.

A successful transaction will give you a prompt of "Record updated successfully" in green color at bottom right corner of Mohid's screen.

After the transaction, please check your CC statement that it states the donation amount and also confirm if the amount is deposited in Forte's Bank Account. Please note that the CC transaction will take around 3 business days to process and eCheck will take around 4-5 business days. Please note that the transaction deposit in your bank account comes under the name of "Forte <MASJID NAME>".

Please review below mentioned video which is just of 20 minute and you should be able to setup your system in less than an hour: