Note: The updated template in MOHID system will require 2 hrs approximately to get synced with the kiosk, widgets and app. Once synced, the prayer timings will be updated automatically on the daily basis.

Go to Settings -> Setup Prayer Timings-> Import Prayer Times via Spreadsheet.

  • Click on Import Guide to download template file.

Fill template with Prayer times

  • Fill the time in 24HRS format (e.g. 1:30 PM should be entered as 13:30) except Maghrib columns because they are free form text and whatever you write, it will display as is for Maghrib timings.
  • Do not delete any row or column or change any heading.
  • Do not insert any formulas in the file
Note: If you have to copy paste the times from a different sheet make sure:

  • When pasting to template use Paste Special -> Values

  • This way , if you have any formula or special formatting it will not impact template

Upload file by clicking on Choose File button

Click Import button