There are 2 options available for displaying Adhan times in App.

1- Automatic location based Adhan times

  • This is the default option selected for all new Apps.
  • When app will be first installed it picks the masjid zip code provided in MOHID and calculates the Adhan times for that zip code
  • User also have a location button provided in App to start following the phone location via GPS and automatically updates the Adhan times based on user location
  • Please Note: The Iqamah times will always be same as Masjid Iqamah times as uploaded in

2- Masjid Timetable based Adhan times
  • Masjid Admin can go to MOHID Dashboard -> Masjid Portal -> Settings -> Salat Timings and change the option to "Use Adhan times from MOHID" to YES
  • Click SAVE
  • Once saved, all Apps will automatically be updated and start to show the Adhan times Uploaded by Admin in MOHID
  • Please refer to following Knowledge Base article for How to upload Salat and Adhan times in