Please refer to the following quick reference guide for the reasons and possible troubleshooting steps for some common Error Codes displayed in KIOSK

MOHID internal error 
Contact support for followup

[0x0300] [0x1A03]
Invalid Key entered or no key entered during the initial setup of KIOSK
Check internet connection before re-attempt

Incorrect Key entered
Go to KIOSK key and re-check the KIOSK key entered

[0x2A01] [0x4A01] [0x5A01] [0x1A01] [0x0201]
Slow internet connection or bad WiFi signals
Reset router or bring it closer to KIOSK to get full signals

[0x02A02] [0x4A02] [0x5A02] [0x1A02] [0x0202]
No internet connection available
Please check the router settings for firewall or anti virus
Make sure KIOSK time is set with right local time

[0x02A03] [0x4A03] [0x5A03]
Wrong KIOSK key entered

[0x2A04] [0x4A04] [0x5A04]
MOHID server is down
Please contact MOHID support for latest updates
Wait for a few minutes and retry the update

[0x2A05] [0x4A05] [0x5A05]
KIOSK on the wrong version
Make sure to upgrade the KIOSK to the latest version