Note: Allow Comments on Posts option should be cheecked to see comments on vFR page

  • Login to MOHID dashboard
  • Go to vFR module
  • Click on View button for your vFR Event

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  • The event page will be opened in Admin Mode
  • Scroll down to Recent Activities
  • Enter Admin name and a Comment/Message
  • Click Post
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  • The post from admin will start to display on the main vFR page
  • Any visitor will be able to reply on the Admin post but it will not be displayed until Admin will Approve it
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Moderate a Reply

  • Once a reply is posted to an Admin Comment/Post it will be displayed in Admin screen like following

    Image Placeholder
  • The Admin can Approve or Delete the reply 
  • If Approved by Admin, the reply will be posted to the main vFR page as following

    Image Placeholder