How to follow up for unfulfilled pledge(s)
There are following options to follow up on the Pledges.
Option # 1

  • Go to Fundraiser
  • Click Event Title
  • Click Pledges
  • Choose the Pending status from drop down menu
  • Select the Event
  • Click Search
  • Select the check box for all donors
  • Click Send Reminder icon ( To send Reminder to All unfulfilled pledges)
  • Click individual pledge Send Reminder button to send reminder for just single pledge fulfillment.

 Option # 2
If Admin wants to send out Pledge reminders via mail/post then we have 'Pledge statement' option that you can view, print and send to the donors. Please follow below mentioned steps in this regard.
Step no. 1:
  • Go to Settings
  • Fundraiser-
  • Use the Toggle button to “Allow Pledge Statement to Print”
  • Save

Step no. 2:
  • Go to Fundraiser
  • Click Event name
  • Click Pledges
  • Select status filter as per your requirement
  • Click on ‘view pledge statement’ icon in Action column to view the monthly pledge statement. You can further print and send it to your donors via mail.