Please note that the auto-payment will be processed for the transactions on the Due Date of the invoice which can be viewed from the Fee Management > Invoices screen. The Due Date for invoices is provided by the school administrator in Settings > General Settings > Due Date field.

To Set-up Auto fee payment two options are available, admin/user will follow the steps mentioned below:



Option 1: 


  • Go to Fee Management > Fee by Parent

  • Click on three dotted  icon, and select Edit Payment Method.



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NOTE: If the parents no longer wants to pay for the invoices automatically they can simply un check this check box (Automatically pay invoices(s) on their due dates.




Option 2: 


  • Go to Fee Management > Invoices.

  • Click on three dotted  icon, then click on $ Make Payment to pay for an open invoice.

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  • Enter the (Amount Paying) in the invoice.

  • Click 'Save and Proceed Payment'.

  • Provide details of your Payment Method (CC or e-Check).

  • Check Default Payment Method checkbox.

  • Check "Activate Auto Payment" checkbox.

  • Click on Pay Now to proceed.

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How to setup auto- payment for multiple/all parents:

To activate auto payment for multiple/all parents please follow the steps mentioned in the below screenshot:

  • Fee Management 

  • Fees by Parent

  • Select multiple or all parents as per your requirements

  • Click on 'Activate Auto Payment'

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Once user clicks on 'Active Auto Payment' system will ask for confirmation:


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  • Now to 'Edit Payment Method' admin can add echeck/credit card information as per the parent accordingly.

  • Checkmark the checkbox to activate the auto payment 

  • Save


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  • Select Payment method as echeck/ACH.

  • If Check scanner is attached with PC/Laptop then Click Scan Check and scan check from the attached scanner.

  • If no scanner available enter check deatils manually in Payment Details section.

  • Select Category.

  • Enter Memo & Enter Check no. in Reference field.

  • Enter Amount.

  • Click Save