In order to create manual invoice, please follow the steps mentioned below, 



Note : Muntazim gives you ability to create manual invoice(s) when needed, user can create these invoices for Grade and Student(s) with Non-Periodic & Immediate Fee Type only.

These invoices can be generated for only one time payment. Recurring is not applicable to these invoices.

  • Go to Fee Management > Invoices

  • Click on "Manual Invoice"

  • Select School Academic Session

  • Both options are available to create your invoices "For Grade" Or "For Student" select as per requirement.

  • If For Student is selected, then Select enrolled student from list OR If For Grade is selected, then Select required Grade from list. 

  • Select your preferred Due Date, as your manually created invoices will expire on the same.

  • Click on Continue

  • Add Fee Type from List(Only non-periodic & Immediate Fee Type will display on provided field) 

  • Discount can be added into this invoice from this option. 

  • Once done click on Done.  

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  • After Done Manually created Invoice will fall on Invoices Screen.  

If manual invoice is not paid by the due date mentioned then payment will be processed in the next auto-payment process.