You can import all the past transactions in Mohid by using the Import Donation utility. This option will import both donors and their transactions at same time. However, if you are importing the transactions for the same donors/members who already exist in your Mohid then please make sure that you enter same donor/member information as you have in system so the transactions are associated with the existing records correctly. If a system identifies any donor/member record which is not already present in the system then a new donor/member record will be created. 
- Please note that only Non-Recurring transaction records can be imported into the MOHID system.
- In order to distinguish between existing and new member/donor record, system matches the values of First Name, Last Name, Phone Number and Email Address. If a value for any of these four records is different from the record in MOHID system, then a new record will be inserted by the IMPORT feature
- If admin doesn't have data for the mandatory fields Phone Number, then please enter 111-111-1111. Do not enter any other random number.
Below mentioned steps have to be followed to import donation transactions:

  • Go to Settings
  • Import Data
  • Click on Import
  • Click Donations
  • Click on “Download Sample Template” to download the template
Note: Please go through the Import Guideline provided to understand the requirement of the template).
  • Update the template with the transactions' record & Save the file
  • Click on Browse file button to select the file
  • Select File from your computer & Import

Note: If there are any errors then system will prompt a message in red color at bottom right corner of the screen.
(Also note that Donation Category column in the template is to be entered from the Donation category settings, as shown in the image below)