In order to send an email to a teacher, please see below steps mentioned below:

  • Go to Communicate > Send Email.

  • Click on Select Recipients and click on Teacher check-box.

  • On selection, the Message Details screen will appear.

  • Select the required teacher from the list. if it is needed to send the email to all the teachers, then no need to select any teacher. All the teachers are selected by default.  

  • Enter Email Subject and your message. 

  • Click on SEND button. 


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How to Check Email Details? 


Email Details option is implemented on Parents' portals. Now user can view Sent Emails with details through Email History screen.


 In order to view email text from communication, please follow the steps mentioned below. 


  • Go to Communicate > Email History.

  • Click on Email Subject to view email details.





  • Email text details will popup as below.